Dr. Hilary Sandell

Dr. Hilary Sandell grew up in a family that emphasized nutrition and exercise at an early age, so it was only natural that she decided to pursue a profession in the health field. Dr. Sandell attended the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness Promotion in 2009 with an emphasis in Sports Medicine and a minor in Psychology. She interned with holistic nutritionist, Dr. Liz Lipski, for 3 years during her time at UNCA, which fueled her passion for nutrition, alternative health and understanding the body’s innate ability to heal itself.


After graduating from UNC-Asheville, Dr. Sandell moved to Portland, Oregon to attend the National College of Natural Medicine. She graduated in June 2014 with her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) degree and her Masters in Acupuncture (MAc) in June 2015. During her time at NCNM, Dr. Sandell spent a year interning with Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis who specializes in complex gastrointestinal disorders including small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), inflammatory bowel diseases, gallbladder disorders, GERD, irritable bowel syndrome and others. By working with many of these patients with complex GI issues alongside Dr. Sandberg-Lewis, she learned how to coach each patient regarding a proper diet, lifestyle choices, stress management and appropriate supplementation. Dr. Sandell also spent extra time learning botanical medicine and complete advanced training in homeopathic therapies as alternatives to allopathic prescription medication for common conditions. Currently Dr. Sandell is learning multiple therapies for acute and chronic pain management including trigger point needling techniques, cupping, body work, supplementation, nutrition, and injection therapies. Dr. Sandell is very passionate about incorporating and balancing all aspects of life, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, in order to create optimal health.

Dr. Nila Jones

Dr Jones is a Family Practice doctor who has been practicing in the Vancouver, WA area since 2001. She attended medical school at OHSU and did her residence in Racine, Wisconsin. She is excited to be venturing into the new (old) way of practicing, as she was frustrated with the type of medicine that she was doing prior to this. “It felt to me like I was pushing patients along an assembly line,” she says. The time constraints were the worst problem, as there was never enough time to really get to know her patients and provide for them the way she had always intended.​ She is interested in providing an integrated approach to your  medical care. She likes to refer patients to alternative therapies such as naturopathy, acupuncture or massage rather than resort to just offering a pill. “I like to meet people where they are,” she says, “and if they utilize alternative methods that work for them, I will back them up 100%.” She has a number of interests outside of medicine, most importantly her 5 children and 7 grandchildren. She also enjoys gardening, bonsai, watercolor painting, miniatures and knitting.


Dr. Nila Jones has successfully worked with prescription phentermine in her current practice.  She recently worked 3 other test subjects who were experiencing excessive, rapid weight gain due to adrenal fatigue as well as metabolic and health issues. Their weight and inch loss results over a 2-month period were amazing!  Test subjects lost between 15-25 pounds and lost 8-10% body fat.  However, what was more exciting was that they regained energy, improved their attitude plus reduced appetite and cravings drastically!

Lorraine Scott, CEO

Traci Eveson,

i-lipo Laser Consultant

Lorraine Scott comes to MediPro Direct Health after more than 2 decades as an entrepreneur and business leader. She holds a Master’s Degree from Lewis and Clark College and has four years additional training in human systems. Throughout her career, Lorraine has trained and developed leadership teams and is certified as an instructor through the Franklin Covey Training Program. Lorraine is a principal of ACM Transformational Coaching, a company which specializes in building and training business leaders and executives throughout the Northwest. She brings her background and expertise to MediPro Direct Health and to creating weight loss and health care clinics which acknowledge people’s innate desire to succeed by giving them the medical and personal support to reach their intended outcomes.

Traci Eveson has been involved in the wellness industry since 1992. She co-owned the largest multi-disciplinary wellness center in Central Washington for 20 years. Nutrition consultant and ZYTO expert for one of the largest leading supplement companies in the USA, Biotics Research NW. Traci also has extensive background in holistic healthcare with an emphasis on weight management and nutritional counseling. Currently a student in the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program at the Nutritional Therapy Association and will graduate in fall 2015. She joins Medipro Health to offer our clients laser lipo which is an intelligent alternative to liposuction. Schedule today for a free consultation to discuss how you can achieve inch loss and contour your body with no needles, downtime or incisions.

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